About Me


For fourteen years, I owned a boutique called Aubergine in Portland, Oregon. At Aubergine, there was a sense of community; a kinship among the women who worked in the boutique and those who loved the clothing and accessories we offered. Aubergine was a blank canvas, a beautiful place where I could share my favorite collections such as Dosa and Martin Margiela.

Although I love fashion, I discovered I am interested in so much more. I am an amateur cook, design devotee, and restaurant enthusiast. With Alice + Waldo, I hope to create a new sense of kinship and excitement for the food, designs, and experiences that inspire me every day.

After living in Portland, Oregon and Sun Valley, Idaho, I moved to Chicago where I live with my husband.

Welcome to Alice + Waldo!





  1. Andrea

    Yes please! More cheese. Every detail is beautiful!
    Thank you.

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