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Phases of the Moon Tea Set

One of my favorite objects in my home is this Phases of the Moon Tea Set. It is a collaboration between Dosa and Heath Ceramics celebrating a shared love of handmade objects crafted from time-honored traditions. Christina Kim of Dosa found inspiration for the tea set in the Heath Ceramics tea cups originally designed by Edith Heath. This limited edition tea set was created from the classic stoneware made famous by Heath Ceramics in light and dark glazes to represent the phases of the moon as seen during the day and night.

In the month following the release of this collaboration, I discovered a selection of prototype tea cups for the Phases of the Moon Tea Set at a design store named OK. I purchased two of the prototypes and I regret not purchasing more. The prototype tea cups reveal part of the process of selecting the perfect shape, color, and glaze for the final collaboration.

On occasion, I have seen prototypes and test pottery from Heath Ceramics available for purchase. Although these pieces of pottery are imperfect in shape, color, and glaze, their imperfections make them beautiful.


Unfortunately, the the Phases of the Moon Tea Set is no longer available. A good substitute is the Large Modern Cup in Linen by Heath Ceramics; this is one of the shapes that inspired Christina Kim to create the tea cups for this collaboration.

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