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Transcendent Objects Exhibition: Ryota Aoki and Lilith Rockett

I adore handmade ceramics; each object is unique and beautiful due to slight imperfections and variations in size, shape, and color. At the end of September, I visited Room 406 to view an exhibition called Transcendent Objects featuring the work of American ceramicist Lilith Rockett and Japanese ceramicist Ryota Aoki. The exhibition is open until October 31, 2014. I recommend Transcendent Objects to anyone living in Chicago who loves handmade objects. If you are unable to visit the exhibition, both artists have websites with extensive photographs of their work.


Lilith Rockett Porcelain Cups and Pedestal

The clean lines and minimal unglazed surfaces of the porcelain cups and pedestal perfectly represent Lilith Rockett’s work. Although the handmade porcelain forms a beautiful still life, the simple fluid shapes are intended to be more than art; the pottery is intended to be used in everyday life.


Ryota Aoki Dura Cups | Transcendent Objects

Ryota Aoki created the Dura cups in porcelain as a tribute to the iconic Picardie tumbler created by Duralex. Both the Dura cup and the Picardie tumbler are intended for use with hot and cold beverages and are conveniently stackable.


Ryota Aoki Plates

Although Ryota Aoki is known for the delicate white porcelain cups and plates photographed, his recent work has included black pottery glazed with silver, gold, or platinum.

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