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Damask Pattern: Needlepoint and Custom Fabric

I love to experiment with colors and patterns. Recently, I created two needlepoint canvases from a vintage damask print I acquired at Jayson Home and Garden. The print adds a touch of color and pattern to the gallery wall in our library. Although damask fabric is traditionally woven with elaborate floral or geometric designs, I prefer to recreate the geometric damask pattern slightly off center or incomplete. The ivory and black damask needlepoint above features the damask in the bottom left corner of the canvas with an incomplete pattern. The ivory and brown needlepoint below features a complete albeit off center damask pattern.

Vintage Damask Print | Ivory and Brown Damask Needlepoint

Vintage Damask Print | Ivory and Brown Damask Needlepoint

Library Gallery Wall

Library Gallery Wall

I would like to custom-print fabric with the same vintage-inspired damask. A great resource for designing your own fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap is Spoonflower. I hope to create handmade napkins from the custom-printed organic cotton satin fabric. Although traditional woven damask is reversible, printed fabric only has a pattern on one side.


Spoonflower Gray Swatch | Spoonflower Blue Swatch




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