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Winter Citrus | Mandarins

Throughout the month of January, I purchased Page Mandarins grown in California from my local market. Page Mandarins have deep orange flesh and rinds with a flavor that is intense and sweet; these mandarins are one of the best varieties for juicing and eating out of hand. Page Mandarins are… Read More

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Spicy Chicken Salad

Sunday afternoons in the fall often include a marathon of football games and a tasty lunch. Yesterday, the kitchen was filled with the smell of chicken as it roasted in the oven. I adapted the spicy tuna salad recipe in César into a spicy chicken salad. Although tuna creates… Read More

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Publican Quality Meats

One of my favorite specialty shops in Chicago is Paul Kahan’s Publican Quality Meats. A butcher shop specializing in hand-crafted charcuterie and locally sourced meats, Publican Quality Meats also offers a selection of artisanal cheeses and breads. During the day, Publican Quality Meats serves soups,… Read More