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Tomato Jam

At the beginning of each lunch and dinner in Morocco, we were served a selection of Moroccan salads. Moroccan salads are small plates of sweet or spicy vegetables served raw or cooked. We ate spicy grilled eggplant, chickpeas with onions and paprika, warm carrots glazed with brown… Read More

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Moroccan Poufs

Hand stitched by skilled artisans in Morocco, these three poufs are a vibrant, movable seating option in my home. Although poufs are available in a vast array of colors, I love the vivid hue of the pink and orange poufs I found while traveling in Fez and Marrakech. Hand dying and… Read More

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Moroccan Mint Tea

Several years ago, I travelled to Morocco with my family. The first afternoon, we were offered mint tea in the salon of the Palais Jamai hotel overlooking the ancient city of Fez. I loved the sweet combination of green tea, mint, and sugar. In Morocco,… Read More